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Do You Need an Attorney to File?

Non-attorney petition preparer shortcomings could cost you thousands of dollars and even a petition denial.

This is because a non-attorney bankruptcy is limited to filling out bankruptcy schedules, since petition preparers, by law, cannot:

  • Give legal advice
  • Properly evaluate assets & exemptions
  • Interpret statutes

Therefore, only an attorney can create the most successful filing strategy for you!

Road Map to Financial Security

Hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney and take advantage of the many protections only an attorney can offer:

  1. List all these: debts, income & assets
  2. Itemizse monthly expenses
  3. Avail yourself of expert analysis & planning
  4. Obtain the most advantaeous timing of filing your bankruptcy
  5. A Fresh Start: Discharge of all dischargeable debts!

Get the best 'Fresh Start' possible for your individual circumstances!

Individual Bankruptcies:

Which Chapter is Best for You?

Chapter 7
a simple discharge of all dischargeable debts
Chapter 13
a payment plan of 36 to 60 months to discharge all dischargeable debts.

Upon successful completion of the Chapter 13 plan, a discharge is granted.

Both Chapters have income restrictions/requirements
and specific advantages, depending on your specific circumstances.

5 Common Reasons for Filing a Bankruptcy

  • Job loss and/or reduction in hours or pay rate
  • Medical expenses
  • Divorce
  • Failed investments
  • Scammers

Each of these situations requires individual delicate considerations, which are best handled by an attorney, experienced in debt relief cases!

Potential Areas of Concern

Non-Dischargeable Debts:

(Debts which still must be paid)
  • Child support & maintenance
  • Some taxes
  • Criminal court obligations
  • Debts incurred by fraudulent means
  • Secured debts
  • Student loans

Non-Exempt Assets:

(Assets which cannot be protected from creditors)
  • Any asset value that exceeds statutory exemption
  • Firearms
  • Sporting equipment
  • Some tax refunds
  • Many annuities

Red Flags:

(Areas requiring special attention)
  • Imminent Inheritance
  • Transfers of assets
  • Foreclosures
  • Fraud
  • Paying back or making loans to friends & family
  • State fines & other penalties (parking & motor vehicle fines)
  • Criminal obligations

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